Experience Matters

Our firm has a great deal of experience handling a wide variety of issues and legal matters, and we represent a wide range of clients, from corporations to individuals.  We can help you with probate and estate planning, divorce and custody matters, employment issues, corporate matters, real estate matters, and matters in immigration.

Estate Planning

What are Wills, Trusts, and Durable Powers of Attorney? How do you decide if you and your family need to sign any of these documents? If you have a Will, does that keep your estate out of Probate? Is Probate a  thing to avoid at all costs? What is the difference between a Durable Power of Attorney for financial matters and a Patient Advocate Designation for Health Care? If you have a DPOA, do you still need a Will? If you have a Trust, do you still need a Will? Will a Trust save you taxes? If you signed similar documents 20 years ago, are they still effective?  How easy is it to change all these documents once you sign them? Contact our office today to set up an appointment and get all the answers you need!

Need an Immigration Attorney?

Our law firm now offers assistance in all employment and family based immigration matters, including adjustment of status or visa processing, and ultimately naturalization as a U.S. citizen. We are also now specializing in President Obama's newly-announced Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. This program gives young illegal immigrants a protection from deportation and work authorization. If you or your family members are eligible for this program, do not wait to apply!